What locals do:

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Cyprus is home to the oldest wine produced in the world. Commandaria is a dessert wine that tastes like a sweet liqueur, rich in flavor and history. It supposedly got its name from the Crusaders knights of the 13th century, but it appears that it was discovered much earlier, around 2000 BC.

Commandaria also holds the record for the older “designation of origin” product. In 1223, King Philip of France called Commandaria the “Apostle of wines” and it has since become known throughout Europe as “Commandaria,” which derives from the region where it was produced in the southwestern part of the island, named “Grande Commandarie” during the Crusades. Other legends believe King Richard of England was drinking Commandaria at his wedding and calling it “the wine of kings and the king of wines.”

Honeywell Events is a DMC in Cyprus with 30 years of experience. The company used to operate for the last 27 years as “Honeywell Incentives”. In 2017, the company went under a complete structural and identity transformation and became Honeywell Events.
The company is focusing on fun adventure trips mixing with local experience such 
Making Cyprus Coffee (in a traditional coffee shop), grape picking, Goat Farms (demonstration for the making of the local cheese called ‘’haloumi’’), Baking traditional bread at the village bakery.