Israeli Flag



What locals do:

Click, clack, click, clack. Are you going insane? No, it’s just the sound of 25 simultaneous games of matkot—a form of tableless ping-pong with no points and no purpose other than returning the ball to your co-wacker. To some, the sound they make is music, and to others, it’s hell; however, to everyone, it’s the sound of Israel’s beaches.

Since 1988, Yael has been planning and organizing tours to Israel.  We provide a complete tour experience (including travel, meals, accommodations and special activities) tailored to meet the needs of each group that travels with us. Our customized itineraries include a variety of unique experiences and travel opportunities.

With Yael, you can relax and leave the details to us, which means you’re free to experience and enjoy all the Holy Land has to offer.

Why we’ll make your trip to Israel meaningful and memorable…

Israel-based With our main offices in Haifa, Israel, our staff and personnel know the country well. When we talk about the land and its history, it’s our land and our history. Your group will share in this knowledge and passion.