Izrael od kuchni


Israel – culinary journey” is another event from the Insider’s Sensual series, which took place on Thursday, January 30th at the Charlotta Menora restaurant. MICE representatives were invited to cook together a delicious meal rich in vegetables and fruits of Israel. There was also a presentation of activities for groups in Israel inspired by local customs. The event took place in an atmosphere of laughter and fun, and after the presentation, the agents participated in a quiz called “68 facts you do not know about Israel.” Among 15 participants from the incentive agencies, Dorota Cholewa from Xperience turned out to give the fastest and most accurate answers. During the cooking workshop, all guests were able to prepare their own light as feathers hummus, wonderfully entwined challah and a fragrant mint and coriander tabbouleh salad. The dinner was instilled with excellent Israeli wine. The sponsor of the event was DMC from Israel – Yael Group.