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What locals do:

As Malta enjoys warm weather for the majority of the year, there is demand for refreshing, cool drinks. For something a little different, try the fizzy drink Kinnie. Drinks producer Farsons brought Kinnie to the market in 1952 and it was a welcome alternative to the many different colas available on the island, following the Second World War. A bittersweet orange flavour mixed with aromatic herbs, Kinnie is an acquired taste, but it’s worth a try! Recipe for Mediterraneo cocktail: 1 measure of Campari Bitter, half measure of Orange Jiuce, Top up with Kinnie.

People first.

Malta Uncut is the creation of Lisa Urpani and Edward Frendo Jones ‐ a multilingual team with over 25 years’ experience in events management and a vision to do things differently. Having practically grown up with the industry Lisa and Edward have organised several high profile events for companies ranging from 10 to 1500 + pax, mainly coming from France, Italy, Germany and South Africa.

High standards, quality and innovation are keywords at the Malta Uncut office. Creativity and an eye for detail coupled with our passion for the job and our islands convinced us to set up Malta Uncut – a company which focuses on people and relationships first and foremost. We believe that building relationships and listening to understand is the way to create a successful and personalised event.

What we offer is different from the usual ‘cut‐and‐paste’ proposals that many of you are used to receiving.

Malta Uncut’s insider knowledge of the islands will help you to create an event which is not just outside the box, but well beyond it, avoiding the tourist traps and making sure that you discover the real soul of the islands that many visitors do not have the privilege of experiencing. Our aim is to incite emotions through the experience which in turn will create memories. If that is achieved, then the event can be considered a success.

Malta Int. Fireworks Festival