On Tuesday, February 25, more than a dozen daredevils from the MICE agency experienced an unusual experiment, entering the total depths of blackness. Lack of vision sharpens the other senses, which is why the next edition of the Insider series Sensually took place in the dark. In the restaurant in Warsaw called Different  where blinds serve meals, guests gathered through flavors guessed and learned about the destination. Visitors sought inspiration from Madagascar through Georgia or Israel to finally discover the wonderful islands of Malta and Gozo. Three versions of Malta dishes appeared on the plate: rabbit – a traditional dish, tuna and eggplant for vegetarians. Office representatives also had the opportunity to hear about interesting activities on the islands right after dinner.

The sponsor of the event was DMC from Malta – Malta Uncut – with the owner Edward Frendo Jones and the KempiƄski hotel from Gozo.

The organization of the event in this very place – the Different restaurant – supported the Foundation Helping Families.