What locals do:

Kola nut plant is unanimously acclaimed to be indigenous to the tropical rainforests of Africa. 

It is a staple in Senegal, an integral part of both social and economic life. Famed for its aphrodisiac power, it is a present at wedding ceremonies: the marriage can often only be sanctioned after the groom has offered 10 kg of the nuts to his fiance’s family.

The bitter tasting nut contains caffeine and acts as a stimulant and anti depressive, chewed all day by many men who want to maintain their strength. 

Kola nuts are also used by the marabout, religious healers who perform divinatory rituals for the superstitious people.

CTA INCENTIVE & EVENTS , DMC agency whose seat is in Senegal and which is specialized on the market MICE. We operate in Senegal and on Cape Verde islands. We exist since 2001, and each of us to its assets more than 15 years of experience in the design of incentive programs and events. Our membership of the large network 1DMCWORLD strengthens our reputation in the world mice International.

Our credo: Make you live the magic and the African emotion through our programs designed to measure with a good touch of creativity, originality, and security.